Chuckle Brothers - Barry Potty and his Full Blood Brother Paul in the Ghostly Shadows tour (New Theatre, Oxford)

Sunday 27th February 2011

The Chuckle Brothers gave a fabulous, funny show in Oxford. They are best known for their children's BBC show ChuckleVision, which has been running since 1987 and is still going strong!

Oddly enough, there was an amazingly famous man who came to the show. SIR DAVID JASON OBE came to watch the show with his family!! We were about four or five people in front of him in the queue to receive Barry and Paul's autographs!

Sadly, we forgot to bring a camera to take photos and videos, but I have scanned in a programme and a show ticket that they signed when we met them at the end (see beneath). They even said 'To you, to me' when they passed each other the things to be signed!!

The final date of this tour is 1st September 2011 at the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough.


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