If you are ever confused or have no idea what we are on about whilst browsing the site, feel free to visit this page to look up the word that is nonsense to you. The pictures which help to explain the words are below each one.

SAE (sometimes called SASE) - a stamped addressed envelope. An envelope that you send alongside your request addressed to yourself so that the autographs can be sent by the agency for free.

LOR - a letter of request. Sent in the envelope explaining that you would like 'n' amount of copies and dedication requirements.


FRANKING, FRANKED, UNFRANKED - The post office's black stamp that is pressed onto the postage stamp so that it cannot be reused.


PHILOGRAPHY - Used in our organisation name 'Hartographs Philography Club'. 'Philography' is the hobby of collecting autographs.

COLLECTION - The day and time when the post is collected from the postbox. On the postbox it will say the next day and time when the post will be collected.



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