How to request an autograph




This page will tell you some of the best ways to get autographs of celebrities.

STAGE ONE: Go onto a fan mail website such as, and type the name of the celebrity (e.g. Rowan Atkinson) into the search bar. Click on the top result. This will tell you the agency that deals with the celebrity.

STAGE TWO: On a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!, type in the name of their agency (e.g. PBJMGT). Click on their website link. If the company does not have a website or shows an eMail address, use the website actors-inc and search for the company. If the company website has a client list, check that the celebrity is still represented by them.

STAGE THREE: eMail the company reception or agent asking for a copy of the celebrity's autograph. Within a day, they should reply. If you are sending an eMail during a public holiday, such as Christmas, the agent may well be out of office. If so, an auto-reply will be sent saying so and it will also say the date of return to office.  Under most circumstances, they will ask you to send an envelope enclosing a note saying that you have requested an autograph and also a stamped addressed envelope for them to send the autograph to you in. Some companies do not even need a stamped addressed envelope, and will send you an autograph almost immediately. 

STAGE FOUR: Wait. The arrival of the autograph will range from one day to around one year! If the celebrity is very, very well-known, it is more likely that you will receive a pre-printed copy, but if they are less famous, it may be signed by hand!



Hamilton Hodell - Richard Briers, Hugh Laurie, Pam Ferris etc.

James Grant Management - Piers Morgan, Ant and Dec, Paul McKenna etc.

Jonathan Altaras Associates  -  Peter Sallis, Graham Crowden etc.

PBJ Management  -  Reeves and Mortimer, Rowan Atkinson, Dom Joly etc.

United Agents  -  June Whitfield, Rob Brydon, Stephanie Beacham etc.

Independent Talent Group  -  Martin Clunes, Ben Miller, Hugh Dennis, Mel Giedroyc etc.




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