STAGE ONE: Write out two envelopes: one addressed to the celebrity c/o their agency, and one to yourself. This means that the company/celebrity will not have to pay for the envelope and would be more likely to send you autographs. Stamp both with valid postage stamps (ENG: 1st class or 2nd class) - letters to the government are extra-quick.

STAGE TWO: On a piece of paper, write your address on the top right (just in case they lose your SAE) and start with 'Hello' or 'Dear Sir/Madam'. At Hartographs, we prefer to write our letters on blank postcards. They can be purchased (in the UK) usually from newsagents in the section with envelopes and jiffy bags. 

STAGE THREE: Now write something along the lines of EG: 'I am writing to ask if you can send me George Clooney's autograph. I enjoyed watching him in ER and Ocean's Eleven.'

STAGE FOUR: If you like you can say 'Please can it be dedicated to...' . But remember not to sound cheeky.

STAGE FIVE: Now write 'I have included a stamped addressed envelope for you to send the signed pictures in'. If you have sent some photos or a DVD cover etc. to be signed, tell them that you would like them to sign it.

STAGE SIX: Remember that the celebrity may be the first person to open the envelope. Remember to say something like 'Thankyou very much and best wishes' and then end with your name.

STAGE SEVEN: With some envelopes that do not seal perfectly, remember to seal them with tape, but don't overdo it because they will struggle to unseal it!

We hope this helps you in requesting autographs of your favourite celebrities. Happy browsing!




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