The actors with text in black will be COMING SHORTLY 


RICHARD BRIERS (Hamilton Hodell)

SIR DONALD SINDEN (Chatto and Linnit)

CHRISTOPHER BEENY (Runner Bean Limited)

JULIE WALTERS (Independent Talent)

CHRISTOPHER STRAULI (email via website-address unknown)

NICHOLAS SMITH (Michelle Braidman)

DOREEN MANTLE (Scott Marshall)

IAN MCNEICE (Markham and Froggatt)

PRUNELLA SCALES (Conway van Gelder)

RICHARD WILSON (Conway van Gelder)



BEN MILLER (Independent Talent Group)

DAME JUDI DENCH (Julian Belfrage)


DAVID ROSS (Angel and Francis)

TESSA PEAKE JONES (Independent Talent Group)

ANNE REID (Conway van Gelder)

TONY OSOBA (Brown & Simcocks)

MAUREEN LIPMAN (Conway van Gelder)

JAMES BOLAM (Independent Talent Group)

R.I.P. TREVOR BANNISTER (Daly Pearson Associates)

TREVOR PEACOCK (Scott Marshall Partners)

ROY BARRACLOUGH (Gavin Barker Associates)

ROBERT FYFE (Curtis Brown Group)

COLIN FIRTH (Independent Talent Group)

PENELOPE KEITH (Burnett Crowther)

JOHN CHALLIS (Burnett Crowther)

ROGER LLOYD-PACK (United Agents)

PAUL BARBER (Diamond Management)

MIKE GRADY (Andrew Manson Management)

LYNDA BARON (Gordon and French)

MARTIN CLUNES (Independent Talent Group)

PETER SALLIS PP (Jonathan Altaras Associates)

R.I.P. GRAHAM CROWDEN (Jonathan Altaras Associates)

JANE FREEMAN (Saraband Associates)

JULIETTE KAPLAN (Langford Associates)

JUNE WHITFIELD (United Agents)

KEITH CLIFFORD (Jonathan Altaras Associates)

KEN KITSON (Roger Carey Associates)

JEAN FERGUSSON (Scott Marshall Partners)

NICHOLAS LYNDHURST (Chatto and Linnit)

FELICITY KENDAL (Chatto and Linnit)

BRIAN MURPHY (Saraband Associates)

FRANK THORNTON (Daly Pearson/David Daly Associates)

ROGER SLOMAN (MacFarlane Chard Associates)

JOSEPHINE TEWSON (Diamond Management)

JIM HOWICK (United Agents)

ANDREW SACHS (Lynda Ronan Personal Management)

BURT KWOUK (Diamond Management)

RUSS ABBOT (Mike Hughes Entertainment)

DAVID JASON PP (Richard Stone Partnership)

CLIVE SWIFT  (Roxane Vacca Management)

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